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Sasha Tregub

Basic Information

Sasha Tregub is a designer, educator, publisher, and entrepreneur.

As a designer and art director, he had worked on various projects. He has created a visual identity for the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and co-created an alternative logo of Kyiv, which is often used today.

He is a founder of the creative & tech school "Projector", that is focused on education on ui/ux, graphic design, illustration, CG, animation, marketing, and development. The school works in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, and gathers design communities in Prague and London.

As a teacher, he runs and curates a 1-year Visual Communications course.
As a school leader, he organizes multiple design conferences — "Offf Kyiv", "Formacia", "Krupa" (the biggest interactive design conference in Eastern Europe).

Since 2015 he is the publisher of "Telegraf Design" magazine that observes Ukrainian and global design.

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