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Freek Kroesbergen

Basic Information

Freek Kroesbergen (1972) is communications and public relations manager of the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO), and?editor-in-chief of Dude, Dutch Designers Magazine, which is published by BNO.

He studied marketing, communication and concept development (strategy and copy writing), and started his?career in 1996 in the advertising industry, working for international agency Euro RSCG where he was?information manager and brand strategy planner. In 2003, he worked in the same capacity for brand?consultancy US, Brand Value Development. Earlier, in 2001, he began working in the music industry. He is?responsible for public relations and marketing for the medium-sized pop venue, P60. He became involved,?and still is, in tour bookings and festival programming. In 2004, he made a final switch to another creative?industry: design. Starting off as public relations manager for BNO, he is now strategically responsible for?public relations, sponsoring and communications, including social media, all websites, newsmails and the magazine Dude.

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