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Brigitte Willinger

Basic Information

Brigitte Willinger has done editorial work for designaustria, the professional association of Austrian designers, since 1992 and since 2004 has been editor-in- chief of the organisation’s periodical, designaustria mitteilungen, which showcases the Austrian design scene and the association’s activities.

She studied languages (German, English, French) and art history and is a freelance editor, author, journalist, and translator based in Vienna, with a focus on design, art, architecture, and the humanities, working for design organisations, museums, art publishers, galleries, cultural and academic institutions, and private scholars.

For several years she organised the Joseph Binder Award, an international competition for graphic design and illustration, when it was first launched by designaustria in 1996. She has published numerous articles on design and is the author of the book Henry Steiner – Bridging East and West, which was published in 2017 and has been translated into Chinese.

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