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Arja Karhumaa

Basic Information
  • Medium
  • Country Finland

Arja Karhumaa is a graphic designer and a text artist, Assistant Professor, and the head of Visual Communication Design MA programme.
Her ongoing practice-based doctoral thesis examines the material aspects of language, the situated knowledge of a text designer, and the politics of legibility. The methodical part of the thesis is Ep?genesis : Katalogi, a catalogue/publication of visual and conceptual writing.

At the heart of her interests in her design practice & research & education, is expanding the boundaries of established graphic and communication design. She aims to make a contribution in creating a space for a contemporary academic and critical practice within that field. She is specifically interested in language and typography, publication as art/design practice, and positioning communication design in relation to new materiality, contemporaneity, public sociology, critical pedagogy, and intersectional feminism.

She has participated in several design competition juries in Finland, including the national Best of the Year Competition. She?is a former board member of the Grafia Association, and has served at the editorial board of Grafia magazine.

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